Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spinning or Zumba - Which is the better cardio workout? - Opinion


A good friend who has been doing Spinning classes asked last night in a Facebook comment whether I thought Zumba would be a good alternative for a cardio workout.

Since I have little experience and less expertise in either I'd love your comments on this comparison.

Here's what I wrote:

I can't consider myself as terribly knowledgeable at either Spinning or Zumba, yet. I've only done one spinning class, about a year ago, and I've just scratched the surface with Zumba.

My quick take is that you probably can get more extreme cardio with spinning, but nowhere as full a workout as with Zumba and you can take Zumba as high aerobically as you want and dare.

Here are some totally unfair, gross generalizations off the top of my head.

Spinning is looks and feels to me, and sounds like (listening to others) totally full out committed hard core athletic strap you in and push the big GO button push your heart till it nearly bursts Great Salt Lake land speed record drive it till the engine blows up cyrstal meth screaming solitary even in a group finally collapsing in a corner recovery kinda workout.

Zumba looks and feels to me like fun, sexy, rhythmic coordinated dance your booty off and throw yourself into the party Mardi Gras Cannonball Run with lots of stops at tequila bars smile so big your ears hurt shaking what you got and what you wish you had cardio party fulla love and happiness and goodwill (it's just kinda built in) laughing cuz you get to do it in public just so much fun and energy that you want the world to dance with you kinda workout.

After spinning, I see hear paled people gasping, stretching, recovering, many very alone in their recovery. Few floated through the workout and anyone who did may not feel too great about it, other than OMG I'm still alive.

After Zumba, I see people laughing and excited and flushed. Some may have floated through and that's fine, the ones that pushed it higher and faster are more excited and flushed (some may have joined the 9% club).

With spinning I imagine Lance Armstrong and Madonna -I admire each of them but not sure I'd enjoy working out with them.

With Zumba I imagine Drew Barrymore and Carmen Diaz and I KNOW I'd enjoy working out with them!

Spinning is an oxygen bar with wheat grass, Zumba is "Welcome to Moe's!!!"

Spinning is heads down directional "Hey where'd was I?" Zumba is "Wow, that was a fun trip!"

Spinning is the engineer's answer to cardio.

Zumba is what Jazzex wanted to be but was too shy - THANK YOU Latin America!!

That's what I got. Admittedly biased.



So what do YOU think?

Notice and Disclaimer: Zumba, Zumba Fitness, and Spinning are registered trademarks of their respective owners. I'm not licensed or certified in either Zumba or Spinning. The above statements and opinions are mine alone.

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